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T-Ball is an opportunity for area children to become part of a team for approximately 6 weeks. Each child ages 5 – 7 years will learn basic fundamentals of playing baseball – catching, throwing, hitting the ball, and running bases.   The coaches act as pitchers, and all children will take turns fielding and playing a base position. Parents are encouraged to attend and help.

The season runs from Mid-May through the end of June with all games being played at Mt. Tabor rain or shine. This program is free and your child/children can be registered on-line. We are truly excited to announce that we now have a second T-Ball field. We are looking for to another great year.

Free popcorn is available for all spectators.  Team pictures and t-shirt are donated. If you have never registered your child for this program we encourage you to watch the video to see some highlights of the 2015 season.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our T-Ball program.