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Current Sermon Series – Seven Letters to Seven Churches

Revelation’s seven letters to seven churches in the Roman province of Asia provide us with a glimpse into the spiritual condition of the church in a major crossroads area of the Roman world.

The problems of faith found in some of the congregations should give us great pause. Many of the churches founded by the apostles and succeeding generations were beset by the spiritual crises described in Revelation 2-3 calling into question their faithfulness. Some of the congregations exhibited characteristics greatly praised by Jesus. This is a cause for much encouragement.

Join us on Sundays as we continue the new sermon series titled: The Seven Letters to the Seven Churches as study about both the spiritual weaknesses and the strengths of these congregations and learn together what it means to be a Bride worthy of the Groom.

We offer a 8:00am and a 10:15am service. All are welcomed and please call the church with questions.