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Youth week of 01/21/19 – 1/27/17

Wednesday Nights

Sunday School

Sunday Night Fellowship

Connect @ Home

During the next week, as you have time to talk with your teenager, consider talking about the below topics:

How do you share the Gospel message people in your daily lives?

What is one rule—either from home or from school—that you really find hard to keep? Why is it so tough for you to follow it?

If we receive forgiveness through faith and not from obeying the Old Testament laws, does that mean we should throw all the rules and laws out the window and do whatever we want? Why or why not?

Tips for Parents

Parents, if you are looking for some great parenting tips check out the following links to parents Cue. This is a great site with some great tips and a podcast, including new weekly episodes! Link to Parents Cue

Below is a link to a quick article that I found that can help you get your kids in Gods word.

Article on how to help your teen study God’s word

Upcoming Events!