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Youth week of 8/6- 8/12

Sunday School

During Sunday school we will be continuing our series looking at Biblical Mission! We will be starting a new series title Sacred Selfie!This four-week series focuses on the importance of believers’ identity in Christ.
The propensity to place our identity in other fleeting places affects our own spiritual growth, and our relationships with others. Self-examination and reflection on our desires will ultimately reveal what type of “selfie” we are revealing to ourselves and the world.

We will be diving into 1 Corinthians 6:17; Ephesians 1:1–14. With the topics of Identity, oneness in Christ. The big idea of this message is our true identity comes from being in Christ and sharing in what he has, rather than the ever-changing cultural standards we see in other places
(including on television, the internet, and social media). With the application point being We can live focused on our real identity in Christ by disconnecting ourselves from fleeting things, roles, and ideas presented by the world around us.

Sunday Night Fellowship

No Sunday Night Youth during summer

Connect @ Home

During the next week, as you have time to talk with your teenager, consider talking about the below topics:

How often do you get in God’s word and how does this effect your day to day?

What is your prayer life like?

Tips for Parents

Parents, if you are looking for some great parenting tips check out the following links to parents Cue. This is a great site with some great tips and a podcast, including new weekly episodes! Link to Parents Cue

Below is a link to a quick article that I found that can help you get your kids in Gods word.

Article on how to help your teen study God’s word

Upcoming Events!