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Meet Our Team



Senior Pastor Darwin Dunten and his wife Polly are from the Fort Wayne, Indiana/ Toledo, Ohio area.  They have three children and two grandchildren.  Two of their children are serving overseas with the United States military.  One daughter lives in Bryan, Ohio.

Pastor Darwin is a firm believer that the church must be relevant, worshipful, and fun.   He also knows that a Christian must be continually growing in his or her walk with Christ.  Therefore, those who are attending Mt. Tabor will be given opportunity to become stronger in their relationship with Christ.

Pastor Darwin graduated from Fort Wayne Bible College with a bachelors in Christian counseling.  He received his Masters in Christian Ministries degree from Huntington University.  He has continued his education and has an MDiv. equivalent recognition from Winebrenner Theological Seminary.  Darwin has served on national denominational boards and served as the cluster leader (supt.) of local pastor and churches.  His experience also includes hospital chaplaincy and the Hancock county Ohio administrative chaplain for the sheriffs department.

Darwin and Polly love to travel.  “Ms Polly” loves children and has a strong desire to share Jesus with the younger generation.