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Easter Egg Hunt

Breakfast from 9-10 | Registration starts at 9:30  

Easter Egg Hunt starts at 10:00

Bring your parents and friends to Mt. Tabor’s
Easter Egg Hunt!  There will be delicious breakfast,
prizes, a bike raffle, and over 10,000 eggs filled!
Don’t forget to bring your basket!

Free Event   Ages 0-6th Grade



Attention ladies of all ages!

Join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:15 p.m. starting on January 2nd for Z-Praise! Z-Praise is a Zumba inspired exercise class where we dance and workout to upbeat Christian music. The workout will last about 45 minutes. A $2 donation per person each class is collected. We donated $550 to C.A.L.L. Food Pantry last year. Optional items to bring include 1-5 pound hand weights for extra toning and a water bottle. We hope to see you there!

Current Series – I Am Loved

Over the last 100 years the American church has been doing a great job at telling people what they are against…

The time has come for the church to start telling people what they are for… and more importantly than that, to take forth the message of hope, redemption & reconciliation.

Our plan is to do just that… tell the world that God is for them and so are we!

In our next sermon series: YOU ARE LOVED, we will be looking at five attributes of God’s Love.
God’s Love Demonstrated…
God’s Love Took Our Place…
God’s Love Doesn’t Run…
God’s Love Gives Life…
God’s Love Casts Out Fear…

This series will start on Sunday, March 27th in both the 8am and 10:15am service.

Join us as we explore God’s Love together.

Current Sermon Series – Seven Letters to Seven Churches

Revelation’s seven letters to seven churches in the Roman province of Asia provide us with a glimpse into the spiritual condition of the church in a major crossroads area of the Roman world.

The problems of faith found in some of the congregations should give us great pause. Many of the churches founded by the apostles and succeeding generations were beset by the spiritual crises described in Revelation 2-3 calling into question their faithfulness. Some of the congregations exhibited characteristics greatly praised by Jesus. This is a cause for much encouragement.

Join us on Sundays as we continue the new sermon series titled: The Seven Letters to the Seven Churches as study about both the spiritual weaknesses and the strengths of these congregations and learn together what it means to be a Bride worthy of the Groom.

We offer a 8:00am and a 10:15am service. All are welcomed and please call the church with questions.

Current Series – Our Father in Heaven


This 4-week series breaks down the Lord’s Prayer, providing a blueprint for how we can model Jesus’ words in our own prayer life. Each week the Scripture reading will include the whole “Lord’s Prayer.” (Matthew 6:5-15)

In this first week Pastor Tim will be focusing on:

  • The importance of prayer…
  • The names of God… (Father and other’s)
  • He might look at Isaiah’s vision of God on the throne…
  • Holiness of God… (Hallowed)

Our services are at 8:00AM and 10:15AM.  All are welcomed.

Charity Dinner & Auction

Mt. Tabor would like to announce our Annual Charity Dinner & Auction. This event will be held on Saturday, February 27th  starting with dinner at 4:30pm. Dinner will consist of sloppy joes, variety of soups, drinks and lots of desserts.

The auction will start at 6:00pm. We will have cakes, pies, cookies, theme baskets, winter apparel and lots of cool stuff you can buy & bid on. The proceeds for this evening will go to help pay down debt for the church.

This event is open to the public and all are welcomed. We challenge you to join us for great food & lots of fun.  Please contact the church if you have any questions.

Weather Update

Due to the cold temperatures, snow and conditions of roads all activities for Wednesday evening, January 13th have be cancelled. Please be safe when traveling tonight and we will see you next week.