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Current Series – Whale of a Tale

Please join us as Pastor Tim recaps on such a well-known and beloved Bible Story. This series will run from Sunday, September 20th through Sunday, October 18th. We will touch on Jonah fleeing from the Lord, Jonah’s prayers, Jonah Goes to Nineveh, Jonah’s Anger at the Lord’s Compassion and a sign for Jonah. As Pastor Tim touches on these topics you will get a better understanding of this story, while learning life applications. Please invite your friends, family and neighbors. All are welcomed to join us!!

Children’s Check-In

Mt. Tabor is thrilled to share that we have renovated our children’s wing. We offer special spaces for each stage of growth for children 0 – 3 years of age. We will have a rooms for Infants, crawlers, walkers & runners.  As well as rooms for children 4 years through 6th grade.

To make the transition to our new program easy we have implemented a automatic check-in system. Please watch the below video to see how the program will work.

We will be able to register any child at any time.   We have made the registration as easy as possible for all.  We can either register your child/children upon arrival or you can click the link below and pre-register your children today.

Please Click Here

Home Coming Sunday

On Sunday, September 13th we will be having a home coming service for Chad and Doris Shellabarger: YouthWorks-Detroit and Tabitha & Devin Dillinger: Churches of God Cultural Ministries, New Mexico.

The teams above will be coming back to Mt. Tabor to share with all the experiences of being a missionary.

All are welcomed so please join us to hear how God is using them to do His work.