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Worship With Us

Mt. Tabor offers two opportunities each week to gather and worship.


Worship Experience ~ Heritage
Our Heritage worship service is a place where the timeless expressions of our faith are valued. This service features hymns and the classic traditions of our faith in a friendly, multi-generational and family-like environment. Worshiping together in the sanctuary hearkens back to simpler times and bringing everyone closer together. Organ, piano and congregational singing are a regular part of each Heritage worship service. This service will start at 8am.


Worship Experience ~ Encounter
Encounter endeavors is to create a worship environment where people can “come as they are” and come face to face with the love and grace of God. Through energetic and engaging worship we hope to provide an atmosphere people of all backgrounds can worship together.

It is said, “A picture can paint a thousand words.” In the same way this is true; worship music, visual arts and the worship environment can draw people closer to God. Through this type of gathering; we desire to worship God with all of our senses.

Encounter is designed to help connect all regardless of where you are in your walk with God in a way that is God honoring, relevant, creative, transforming, and authentic. This service will start at 10:15am. We do offer children’s programs during this service.